How to take a screenshot on an Android phone

Capture discussions, videos, games and much more on your own Android apparatus

Samsung phone in hand
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There are plenty of things you may want to screenshot in your telephone, from accomplishments in matches, to humorous text or message talks, and it is amazingly easy to capture those moments. You hardly have to move your hands to get it done.

Without understanding the proper mix of buttons, however, it may be somewhat difficult to find the screenshot work to function — because you are using the side buttons, it can be simple to accidentally switch off your telephone or speeding your volume up to maximum.

That is why we’ve produced this easy guide about the best way best to have a screenshot in an Android apparatus.

Some newer Android mobiles have a screenshot role that implies, at the swipe-down menu, you can press a button to take a screenshot, and also specific Android apparatus have different button combinations you will want to hold to select the image — but do not worry, we will run you through everything.

the Way to screenshot on Android telephones and tablet computers

Once you’ve got the information you want to catch in your display, press and hold the Electricity  button and then press the volume  button. Be certain not to release your finger in the Power button until you push down the volume button, or your display may shut off.

Your telephone will provide you a visual indication that a screenshot was shot — occasionally just a tiny picture of the captured image will probably linger at the bottom corner, other situations the surfaces of the display will light up. If you do not observe this, it may be that the picture did not save, so assess your gallery to ensure.

Have a photo by holding down electricity and pressing down the volume

This button mix may not work for each and every phone on the market, so don’t worry if nothing is occurring at this stage.

Some telephones or tablet computers need a slightly different mixture of button presses to activate a screen capture. In the above steps did not work, try holding down the Electricity  button and then tap on the house  button). This generally works with phones that are older, that still possess a physical button. This shortcut works on Android apparatus which may snap pictures using all the Power + quantity  button combo.

Press and hold power, then offer the house button a tap

This purpose is ideal if you would like to have a screen capture of Snapchat or even Instagram, or in case you would like to show your friends the high score you’ve achieved in a match. For many matters severe or just for pleasure, dedicate these shortcuts .